Bioscience Hypotheses Editorials

This page provides free access to the manuscripts of my Editorials in Bioscience Hypotheses. The fully formatted PDFs are available from ScienceDirect.


Reference Title (click on this to access the PDF MSS) Topic
Volume 2(6), 2009, Pages 357-558 The end of a (short) line
Bioscience Hypotheses was a success ... and is closing down. I muse on what we achieved and what that says for the future
Volume 2(5), 2009, Pages 277-281 Leadership and innovation. How consensus management blocks genuine innovation.
Genuine advance in research in any field needs leadership and a willingness to strike out against the consensus. Peer review, valuable in some contexts, can suppress this.
Volume 2(4), 2009, Pages 193-197 Evolution, hypotheses, and the question of whether humans are still evolving.
Humans are still evolving. But how, and can we have useful hypotheses about the nature of that evolution? If the hypotheses have testable outcomes, we can.
Volume 2(3), 2009, Pages 115-117 Who should benefit from a good idea?
How can an idea create wealth for its originator when the patent system is based on implementation? I discuss the issues and speculate on three solutions
Volume 2(2), 2009, Pages 57-58 Evolution of a Journal. Editorial Policy 2.0
Adapting editorial policy to give a bigger role to referees and a more active role to the editor
Volume 2(1), 2009, Pages 1-2
Hypotheses and humility: Ideas do not have to be right to be useful Hypotheses can have flaws, providing they are recognised by their authors and addressed honestly
Volume 1(6), 2008, Pages 281-285
Steam engine time: A review of ‘Ending Ageing’ by Aubrey de Grey Review and critique of book by the controversial theorist.
Volume 1(5), 2008, Pages 233-234 Name and Shame New models for encouraging companies to pursue valuable science and technology
Volume 1(4), 2008, Pages 177-178 Technological speculations and science Value and nature of speculations on technology to scientific advancement
Volume 1(3), 2008, Pages 125-126 Career Insurance: enabling intellectual risks Financial structures to help rekindle innovative and blue-sky research.
Volume 1(2), 2008, Pages 65-66 Many minds make light: Ideas and entrepreneurship in the life sciences The value of collaboration in developing genuinely new ideas, and hence the value of publishing those ideas.
Volume 1(1), 2008, Page 1 Welcome to Bioscience Hypotheses Why our approach and policy makes the journal worth reading